8960 United Urban Investment Corporation

United Urban Investment Corporation : Issuance of New Investment Units and Secondary Offering of Investment Units, Acquisition of 3 Properties

(Nov. 20, 2014)

United Urban Investment Corporation(TSE Code: 8960) announces issuance of new investment units and secondary offering of investment units, acquisition of 3 properties.

Property name Address Acquisition price Cap rate Seller
MT Ariake Center Building Ⅰ&Ⅱ Koto-ku, Tokyo 8,000million JPY 4.90% Undisclosed
LIFE Nishikujo (Site) Osaka, Osaka 1,760million JPY 4.90% Sumitomo Mitsui Finance&Leasing Company, Limited
LIFE Tamatsukuri (Site) Osaka, Osaka 1,880million JPY 4.90%
  22th period (forecast) (Before revision) Change (%)
Operating revenues  18,637 million JPY 18,349 million JPY 1.6%
Net income  7,185 million JPY 7,060 million JPY 1.8%
Dividend per unit  2,860 JPY 2,810 JPY 1.8%
  23th period (forecast) (Before revision) Change (%)
Operating revenues  19,173 million JPY 18,184 million JPY 5.4%
Net income  7,642 million JPY 7,236 million JPY 5.6%
Dividend per unit  2,890 JPY 2,880 JPY 0.3%
  24th period (forecast)      
Operating revenues  19,400million JPY      
Net income  7,669million JPY      
Dividend per unit  2,900 JPY      

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Property Acquisition Price Rankings

(Billions of yen)

1 Shinjuku Mitsui Bldg. 170
3 Roppongi Hills Mori Tower 115
4 Shiodome Building 107
5 Tokyo Shiodome Building 83
Unit Price Growth Rankings
1 CRE Logistics +2.20%
2 Daiwa Office +2.09%
3 ORIX JREIT +2.04%
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