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3249 Industrial & Infrastructure Fund Investment Corporation

A unique J-REIT that invests in logistics facilities and infrastructure facilities providing essential service by the public sector such as power plants and airports. Acquired research facilities and other asset classes with high margins that other J-REITs do not invest in, carrying out capital increases for three consecutive years since 2011. Achieved not only an expansion in asset size but also a significant increase in dividend. dividends continue to outpace the average of previous periods since the one ended December 2011. The forecast dividend for the period ending December 2013 is 15,958 JPY per unit. (Information as of December 19, 2013.)

Unit DataAs of May 31, 2023
Unit Price160,100 JPY (+5,700 JPY)
Market Capitalization338,373.9116 million JPY
Dividend Yield3.90% (-0.14)
Trading Volume11,167 units
(Parentheses indicates daily change)
Earnings ForecastAs of Mar. 13, 2023
Previous Period Current Period Next Period
Beginning of Period Aug. 1, 2022 Feb. 1, 2023 Aug. 1, 2023
End of Period Jan. 31, 2023 Jul. 31, 2023 Jan. 31, 2024
Operating revenues 17,944million JPY 18,402million JPY 19,046million JPY
Net income 5,940million JPY 6,630million JPY 7,146million JPY
Dividend per unit 3,122 JPY 3,084 JPY 3,165 JPY

Unit Price / Yield / Trading VolumeAs of May 31, 2023
Composition of Acquired PropertiesAs of Apr. 30, 2023
Total Acquisition Price 387 billion JPY
Number of Properties 77
Acquisition Price Ratio by Sector Acquisition Price Ratio by Region
May 15, 2023    
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Mar. 13, 2023    
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Mar. 13, 2023    
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Jan. 25, 2023    
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