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3462 Nomura Real Estate Master Fund, Inc.

Unit DataAs of Apr. 9, 2020
Unit Price136,400 JPY (+5,300 JPY)
Market Capitalization643,153.28 million JPY
Dividend Yield4.86% (-0.20)
Trading Volume22,928 units
(Parentheses indicates daily change)
Earnings ForecastAs of Dec. 5, 2019
Previous Period Current Period Next Period
Beginning of Period Sep. 1, 2019 Mar. 1, 2020 Sep. 1, 2020
End of Period Feb. 29, 2020 Aug. 31, 2020 Feb. 28, 2021
Operating revenues 36,878million JPY 38,208million JPY
Net income 12,030million JPY 12,945million JPY
Dividend per unit 3,248 JPY 3,317 JPY

Unit Price / Yield / Trading VolumeAs of Apr. 9, 2020
Composition of Acquired PropertiesAs of Feb. 29, 2020
Total Acquisition Price 1,031 billion JPY
Number of Properties 294
Acquisition Price Ratio by Sector Acquisition Price Ratio by Region
Mar. 23, 2020    
Notice Concerning Debt Financing (Determination of Loan Interest Rate)  (139KB)
Mar. 13, 2020    
Notice Concerning Debt Financing (196KB)
Mar. 10, 2020    
Notice Concerning Change of Scheduled Acquisition Date (135KB)
Mar. 9, 2020    
Notice Concerning Debt Financing (Determination of Loan Interest Rate)  (147KB)
Mar. 6, 2020    
Notice Concerning Debt Financing (Determination of Loan Interest Rate) (175KB)
Mar. 6, 2020    
Notice Concerning Changes in Directors and Important Employees in Asset Management Company (116KB)
Mar. 5, 2020    
Notice Concerning Reception of Minister of the Environment Award (the Most Excellent Efforts) of Principles for Financial Action for the 21st Century (246KB)
Mar. 2, 2020    
Notice Concerning Debt Financing (210KB)
Feb. 27, 2020    
Notice Concerning Extension of Termination Date of Commitment Line Agreement (110KB)
Feb. 21, 2020    
Notice Concerning Debt Financing (Determination of Loan Interest Rate) (141KB)
Feb. 17, 2020    
Notice Concerning Debt Financing  (185KB)
Feb. 12, 2020    
Notice Concerning the Line of Credit Loan Agreement  (130KB)
Jan. 31, 2020    
Notice Concerning Certification and Registration for EcoAction 21 Program,an Environmental Management System (EMS) in Japan (156KB)
Jan. 22, 2020    
Notice Concerning Change in Credit Rating (AA-, Previously A+) (371KB)
Jan. 17, 2020    
Notice Concerning Determination of Number of New Investment Units to be Issued through Third-Party Allotment  (167KB)

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