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3488 XYMAX REIT Investment Corporation

Unit DataAs of Apr. 8, 2020
Unit Price87,300 JPY (-700 JPY)
Market Capitalization19,502.82 million JPY
Dividend Yield7.01% (+0.06)
Trading Volume1,716 units
(Parentheses indicates daily change)
Earnings ForecastAs of Oct. 15, 2019
Previous Period Current Period Next Period
Beginning of Period Sep. 1, 2019 Mar. 1, 2020 Sep. 1, 2020
End of Period Feb. 29, 2020 Aug. 31, 2020 Feb. 28, 2021
Operating revenues 1,329million JPY 1,336million JPY
Net income 657million JPY 684million JPY
Dividend per unit 2,943 JPY 3,062 JPY

Unit Price / Yield / Trading VolumeAs of Apr. 8, 2020
Composition of Acquired PropertiesAs of Feb. 29, 2020
Total Acquisition Price 33 billion JPY
Number of Properties 12
Acquisition Price Ratio by Sector Acquisition Price Ratio by Region
Apr. 2, 2020    
Announcement of Corrections to the press release (113KB)
Apr. 1, 2020    
Notice Concerning Change of Director at Asset Management Company (138KB)
Jan. 29, 2020    
Notice Concerning Borrowings of Funds (121KB)

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