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8961 MORI TRUST Sogo Reit, Inc.

A diversified J-REIT focused on offices. For its flagship properties, which account for a little less than 40% of its portfolio, concluded a fixed lease agreement with its sponsor to avoid fluctuations in earnings. Currently, certain properties are affected by the termination of master lease agreements and the departure of a major tenant, but it has continued to maintain a high dividend among office-focused J-REITs. Occasionally it purchases a property first and then later increases its capital to correct high debt levels incurred after the property acquisition. The forecast dividend for the period ending March 2014 is 17,200 JPY per unit, and that for the period ending September 2014 is 17,400 JPY; internal reserves will be used in both dividends. (Information as of December 19, 2013.)

Unit DataAs of Dec. 14, 2018
Unit Price164,300 JPY (+1,900 JPY)
Market Capitalization216,876 million JPY
Dividend Yield4.44% (-0.05)
Trading Volume5,556 units
(Parentheses indicates daily change)
Earnings ForecastAs of Nov. 14, 2018
Previous Period Current Period Next Period
Beginning of Period Apr. 1, 2018 Oct. 1, 2018 Apr. 1, 2019
End of Period Sep. 30, 2018 Mar. 31, 2019 Sep. 30, 2019
Operating revenues 8,820million JPY 8,759million JPY 8,780million JPY
Net income 4,807million JPY 4,814million JPY 4,814million JPY
Dividend per unit 3,650 JPY 3,650 JPY 3,650 JPY

Unit Price / Yield / Trading VolumeAs of Dec. 14, 2018
Composition of Acquired PropertiesAs of Nov. 30, 2018
Total Acquisition Price 324 billion JPY
Number of Properties 15
Acquisition Price Ratio by Sector Acquisition Price Ratio by Region
Nov. 30, 2018    
[Delayed] Fiscal Period Ended September 2018 (33rd Fiscal Period) Information Package  (2,034KB)
Nov. 7, 2018    
Notice Concerning Seismic Isolation/Mitigation Oil Dampers(Not applicable) (152KB)
Oct. 16, 2018    
Notice of a New Loan  (190KB)
Sep. 20, 2018    
Results of GRESB Real Estate Assessment (90KB)
Aug. 29, 2018    
Notice of New Loans  (96KB)
Aug. 28, 2018    
Notice of New Loans (69KB)
Jul. 31, 2018    
Notice Concerning Change of Asset Name (45KB)
Jun. 18, 2018    
Notice Concerning Impact of the Earthquake Centered in Northern Osaka Prefecture (24KB)
Jun. 18, 2018    
Notice of Pre-payment of Loans (165KB)
Jun. 13, 2018    
Notice Concerning Scheduled Change of Director of Asset Manager  (51KB)
Jun. 13, 2018    
Notice Concerning Issuance of Investment Corporation Bonds  (152KB)
May 29, 2018    
Notice of a New Loan (68KB)
May 29, 2018    
Notice of an Existing Loan(Interest Rate Setting)  (168KB)
May 28, 2018    
[Delayed] Fiscal Period Ended March 2018 (32nd Fiscal Period) Information Package  (2,065KB)
Apr. 20, 2018    
Notice of New Loans (90KB)
Apr. 11, 2018    
Notice of New Loans (69KB)
Apr. 10, 2018    
Notice of a New Loan (93KB)
Mar. 20, 2018    
Notice of New Loans  (91KB)
Mar. 15, 2018    
Notice of New Loans (148KB)
Feb. 26, 2018    
Notice of New Loans and Extension of period of Credit Line Agreement (Uncommitted) (75KB)
Jan. 17, 2018    
Notice of New Loans (164KB)

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