JAPAN-REIT.COM Member Terms and Conditions

Article 1 (Statement of Term and Conditions)
These Terms and Conditions stipulate conditions on the member services, the handling of member information and the terms of use of these services with regard to the membership services (hereinafter, “the Service”) provided by IBRC Inc. and Japan REIT Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, “the Company”).
Article 2 (Details of Services)
The Service consists of the provision of information to members through this website or email and other ancillary services. The membership fee is free. Details of the Service are updated as needed to improve the Service, but the Company cannot be held liable for any disadvantages or damages incurred by members as a result of changes made to the Service.
Article 3 (Definition of a Member)
A member as defined by the Company shall refer to persons that agree to these Terms and Conditions, complete the necessary application procedures designated by the Company, and whose membership application is approved by the Company.
Article 4 (Member Registration Procedures)
Member registration procedures shall involve agreeing to these Terms and Conditions and correctly completing and submitting the necessary information to the Company according to the method designated by the Company. If the Company discovers falsifications in application information or determines that a person’s membership is inappropriate, then the Company may not approve a member’s registration. The Company shall be able to limit the use of the Service or eliminate the membership even after member registration is complete if the member is found to correspond to one of the above categories.
Article 5 (Changes in Member Registration Information)
If changes occur in the information submitted to the Company for the member registration application, the member shall promptly carry out procedures prescribed by the Company to change the said information. Members shall agree that if they fail to receive a notification from the Company because they did not carry out the procedures to change their information, then the Company will deem that the member has received the notification.
Article 6 (Handling of Member Information)
Information submitted by the member to the Company for the member registration application and information pertaining to the member’s use of the Service will be registered in the Company’s database. This information registered in the database shall be the property of the Company, and members agree that this information can be used for the Service as long as personal information is adequately protected.
Article 7 (Purpose of Use of Member Information)
Personal information collected from the enrollment in the Service will be used to provide information from the Company to the member through direct mail, direct email or other methods. Details of the provision of information will be included in notifications of the Service as well as matters stipulated in the Company’s Privacy Policy, advertisements for third-party products or services, and event information. The Privacy Policy covering this website is published on this website.
Article 8 (Provision of Member Information to Third Parties)
Member information may be provided to third parties when necessary for the party related to the Service to carry out operations related to the provision of the Service, in addition to instances designated in the Company’s Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy covering this website is published on this website.
Article 9 (Procedures for the Disclosure or Correction of Member Information)
Requests made from a member himself/herself concerning the disclosure, correction or suspension of use of member information can be made by the member himself/herself according to the procedures prescribed in the Service.
Article 10 (Member ID and Password Management)
Members will manage their own member ID and password according to their own responsibility. The member ID and password cannot be lent or assigned to a third party. In addition, the Company cannot be held liable whatsoever regarding any damages attributed to the mismanagement of the member ID and password or any damages associated with the improper use of the member’s account by a third party.
Article 11 (Prohibited Acts)

Members must not engage in the following acts with regard to the Service or when using the Service:

  • (i)Acts that violate or may violate public order and morality.
  • (ii)Acts that are a nuisance or cause a disadvantage to other members or third parties.
  • (iii)Acts that infringe upon or may infringe upon the copyrights, trademark rights or other rights of the Company or other right holders.
  • (iv)Acts that infringe up on the provision of the Service, regardless of method.
  • (v)Acts that improperly use the member ID and password.
  • (vi)Other acts determined by the Company to be inappropriate.
Article 12 (Deletion or Correction of Member Dissemination Information)

The Company shall be able to delete or revise when deemed necessary by the Company any or all of the following information provided by members without the consent of the member and without being subject to liability from the member:

  • (i) Information determined by the Company to correspond to any of the prohibited acts from the previous article.
  • (ii)Information determined by the Company to clearly violate facts.
  • (iii)Other information determined by the Company to be inappropriate.
Article 13 (Furnished Information)
The Company strives to always provide accurate information in the Service. However, the Company cannot fully guarantee the accuracy of information. In addition, the Company can add other services or make changes to or delete an existing service in the future.
Article 14 (Changes to the Terms and Conditions)
The Company will be able to make changes to the Terms and Conditions at any time. Changes to the Terms and Conditions will be announced on the website. Members who do not cancel their membership within one month after changes to the Terms and Conditions will be deemed as having consented to the new Terms and Conditions.
Article 15 (Membership Cancellation or Suspension or Elimination)

If a member wishes to cancel his/her membership, the member shall report to the Company according to the Company’s prescribed procedures and will cancel his/her membership after completion of the cancellation procedures by the Company. In addition, the Company shall be able to temporarily suspend or eliminated membership without prior notification to the member in case of the following:

  • (i) Instances where the member violated the Terms and Conditions.
  • (ii)Instances where the Company cannot contact the member by email for a considerable period of time.
  • (iii)Instances where the Company determines that the member’s use of the service is appropriate.
Article 16 (Property Rights)
Property rights pertaining to information such as text, photographs, images, voices, or videos provided through the Service shall belong to the Company or the company providing the information, and such property rights are protected under the Copyright Act, Trademark Act and Design Act.
Article 17 (Cancellation or Suspension of the Service)

The Company shall be able to cancel or suspend a part or all of the Service without prior notification given to the member in any of the following instances:

  • (i) Instances of regular or urgent system maintenance or upgrades for the provision of the Service.
  • (ii)Instances where the provision of the Service is difficult due to an act or providence, such as fires, power outages, or natural disasters.
  • (iii)Instances where the Company determines that the cancellation or temporary suspension of the Service is necessary for technical or operational reasons.

The Company cannot be held liable whatsoever regarding any disadvantages or damages incurred by members as a result of the suspension or cancellation of the Service.

Article 18 (Exemption of Liability)
The Company cannot be held liable whatsoever regarding damages, liabilities, or hindrances (including loss of opportunity, loss of earnings, and consequential damages) incurred by the member by use of the Service.
Article 19 (Claims for Damage by Members)
If the member causes damage to a third party as a result of using the Service, the member shall resolve the matter at his/her own responsibility and cost, and shall not cause damage to the Company. If the member causes the Company damage as a result of acts that violate the Terms and Conditions or due to an improper or illegal act, the Company shall be able to seek damage from the member.
Article 20 (Governing Law and Court of Jurisdiction)
The formation, enforcement, execution and interpretation of the Terms and Conditions shall be in accordance with the laws of Japan and the Tokyo District Court shall be the agreed court of jurisdiction for disputes that arise with regards to the Terms and Conditions.
Article 21 (Mutual Consultation)
Matters not stipulated in the Terms and Conditions, or if doubts arise concerning the Terms and Conditions, shall be deliberated on in good faith between the related parties, and all shall strive to achieve a smooth resolution.
Supplementary Provision
These Terms and Conditions shall take effect on May 1, 2006.

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