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8975 Ichigo Office REIT Investment Corporation

A diversified J-REIT focused on office properties. In November 2011, it merged with Ichigo Real Estate Investment Corporation, carried out a 7-for-1 unit split and changed its sponsor to Ichigo Group Holdings. Internal reserves associated with profits from the merger are being used to weather possible temporary deteriorating profitability from losses on the divestment of properties. Increased capital for two consecutive periods in 2013 to unlock external growth. In addition, it has significantly reduced the percentage of its borrowings from a foreign financial institution that had a high interest rate. The forecast dividend for the period ending April 2014 is 1,530 JPY per unit. (Information as of December 19, 2013.)

Unit DataAs of Sep. 22, 2017
Unit Price74,800 JPY (+100 JPY)
Market Capitalization114,615.0676 million JPY
Dividend Yield5.17% (-0.01)
Trading Volume1,447 units
(Parentheses indicates daily change)
Earnings ForecastAs of Jun. 14, 2017
Previous Period Current Period Next Period
Beginning of Period Nov. 1, 2016 May 1, 2017 Nov. 1, 2017
End of Period Apr. 30, 2017 Oct. 31, 2017 Apr. 30, 2018
Operating revenues 7,353million JPY 7,462million JPY 7,338million JPY
Net income 2,615million JPY 2,706million JPY 2,735million JPY
Dividend per unit 1,923 JPY 1,930 JPY 1,940 JPY

Unit Price / Yield / Trading VolumeAs of Sep. 22, 2017
Composition of Acquired PropertiesAs of Aug. 31, 2017
Total Acquisition Price 197 billion JPY
Number of Properties 85
Acquisition Price Ratio by Sector Acquisition Price Ratio by Region
Sep. 15, 2017    
Bond Issuance (124KB)
Sep. 7, 2017    
Ichigo Office REIT Awarded GRESB Green Star Ranking (122KB)
Sep. 6, 2017    
Ichigo Office REIT Portfolio Occupancy (Flash Data) - August 2017 (223KB)
Aug. 31, 2017    
JCR Raises Long-Term Credit Rating Outlook to Positive (107KB)
Aug. 4, 2017    
Ichigo Office REIT Portfolio Occupancy (Flash Data) - July 2017 (165KB)
Jul. 27, 2017    
Termination of MOU (108KB)
Jul. 13, 2017    
Change in Officers (113KB)
Jul. 6, 2017    
Ichigo Office REIT Portfolio Occupancy (Flash Data) - June 2017 (151KB)
Jun. 14, 2017    
Earnings Summary for the April 2017 Fiscal Period (310KB)
Jun. 14, 2017    
Ichigo Office REIT April 2017 Fiscal Period Corporate Presentation (2,634KB)
Jun. 6, 2017    
Ichigo Office REIT Portfolio Occupancy (Flash Data) - May 2017 (210KB)
May 29, 2017    
Shelf Registration for Investment Corporation Bond Issuance (108KB)
May 9, 2017    
Ichigo Office REIT Portfolio Occupancy (Flash Data) - April 2017 (173KB)
May 8, 2017    
New Loans and Interest Rate Swaps (163KB)
May 1, 2017    
Changes in Key Personnel and Organization (143KB)
Apr. 28, 2017    
DBJ Green Building 認証の取得のお知らせ (255KB)
Apr. 28, 2017    
Ichigo Nihonbashi East Building Receives DBJ Green Building Certification (202KB)
Apr. 28, 2017    
Loan Repayment (144KB)
Apr. 27, 2017    
Ichigo Akihabara North Building Receives BELS Energy Efficiency Certification (201KB)
Apr. 27, 2017    
Ichigo Marunouchi Building Receives CASBEE Environmental Certification (403KB)
Apr. 26, 2017    
Acquisition of Three Office Assets and Sale of Four Non-Office Assets (486KB)
Apr. 26, 2017    
Earnings and Dividend Forecast Revisions for the October 2017 Fiscal Period and Forecast for the April 2018 Fiscal Period (224KB)
Apr. 26, 2017    
Strategic Portfolio Restructuring (629KB)
Apr. 19, 2017    
Changes in Directors and Key Personnel (117KB)
Apr. 6, 2017    
Ichigo Office REIT Portfolio Occupancy (Flash Data) - March 2017  (144KB)
Mar. 6, 2017    
Ichigo Office REIT Portfolio Occupancy (Flash Data) - February 2017 (179KB)
Feb. 24, 2017    
Changes in Statutory Executive Officers, Key Personnel,and Organization of the Asset Management Company (281KB)
Feb. 6, 2017    
Ichigo Office REIT Portfolio Occupancy (Flash Data) - January 2017 (186KB)
Jan. 10, 2017    
Changes in Organization of the Asset Management Company (143KB)
Jan. 10, 2017    
Ichigo Office REIT Portfolio Occupancy (Flash Data) - December 2016 (197KB)

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