Japan real estate investment trusts (J-REITs) emerged in September 2001 as a real estate securitization product available for individual investors following revisions to the Act on Investment Trusts and Investment Corporations. Currently, J-REITs have a combined equity market capitalization of more than \7 trillion and the market continues to grow. Given this environment, based on a recognition of the need for a comprehensive portal site covering all listed J-REIT data and the need to provide investors with neutral and fair investment information, IBRC Inc. and Japan REIT Inc. launched JAPAN-REIT.COM.
Leveraging IB Research and Consulting’s wealth of J-REIT content and Japan REIT’s website building and system development technologies, we will operate this investor-focused website with the goals of expanding a sound marketplace for J-REITs and educating investors.
In all our efforts, we appreciate your kind and continued support.

December 2013
Daisuke Seki, Representative Director and CEO, IBRC Inc.
Toshihiro Doi, President, Prop Tech plus Inc.

Service Lineup

JAPAN-REIT.COM is Japan’s largest J-REIT related portal site, enjoying some 100,000 unique users and one million page views each month.
This website is used extensively on a daily basis by not only individual investors but also financial institutions, J-REITs, and real estate funds. To contribute to the J-REIT market, this website streams daily updates of J-REIT data through major financial portal sites such as Yahoo Finance and Reuters.



J-REIT NOW is a free email streaming service that sends out a range of documents and disclosure releases, such as property acquisitions or earnings information, from each listed J-REIT to registered members after the documents are sorted automatically according to content using our unique system. Receiving releases and other disclosure documents much more quickly through this service enables users to make timely investment or business decisions.



JAPAN-REIT Database (subscription required) provides access to a database of detailed information on all the properties owned by J-REITs, which now exceed 2,000. Members can carry out detailed searches and download information into a CSV file. The information provided in this database represents data essential for not only research and analysis of each listed J-REIT but also statistical analysis of J-REIT market trends and real estate market trends.
In addition, this database contains detailed financial information on each listed J-REIT, including balance sheets and income statements, and information on borrowings for analysis. For this reason, this database is used widely by many companies in their deliberations on real estate financing.



Japan REIT Inc. has an extensive track record in system development projects for real estate finance.
By skillfully managing and grasping internal information on funds, assets, financials, and investors, J-REIT can carry out simulation-based risk management at any time, regularly monitor individual systems, and ensure the reliability of reports on the information provided to investors. Linking this information can also enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of operations.



Property Acquisition Price Rankings

(Billions of yen)

1 Shinjuku Mitsui Bldg. 170
3 Roppongi Hills Mori Tower 115
4 Shiodome Building 107
5 Tokyo Shiodome Building 83
Unit Price Growth Rankings
1 Daiwa Office +1.22%
2 Advance Residence +1.05%
3 Star Asia +0.98%
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