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8987 Japan Excellent, Inc.

Release date Category Release title PDF
Sep. 11, 2019   Notice Concerning GRESB Real Estate Assessment Results(Received “Green Star”, the highest rating, for Fifth Consecutive Year) PDF(227KB)
Sep. 4, 2019   Notice Concerning Issuance of Investment Corporation Bonds PDF(98KB)
Aug. 29, 2019   [delayed] Twenty-sixth Period(ended June 2019) Presentation Materials PDF(4,738KB)
Aug. 19, 2019   26th Period Financial Results PDF(118KB)
Aug. 19, 2019   Notice concerning Acquisition of Domestic Real Estate Trust Beneficiary Rights(BIZCORE AKASAKA MITSUKE) PDF(521KB)
Aug. 19, 2019   Notice Concerning Appointment of Directors PDF(238KB)
Aug. 19, 2019   Notice Concerning Debt Financing PDF(193KB)
Apr. 5, 2019   DBJ Green Building 認証取得物件の評価の向上に関するお知らせ PDF(291KB)
Apr. 5, 2019   Notice Concerning Improvement of Assessment Rank in DBJ Green Building Certification PDF(234KB)
Mar. 29, 2019   Notice Concerning Acquisition of DBJ Green Building Certification PDF(257KB)
Mar. 6, 2019   Notice Concerning Execution of Interest Rate Swap Agreement PDF(82KB)
Mar. 4, 2019   Notice Concerning Debt Financing PDF(139KB)
Feb. 25, 2019   [delayed] Twenty-fifth Period(ended December 2018) Presentation Materials PDF(3,610KB)
Feb. 22, 2019   Notice Concerning Impact of Earthquake PDF(31KB)
Feb. 22, 2019   Notice Concerning Replacement of a director of the Asset Management Company PDF(83KB)
Feb. 15, 2019   Japan Excellent, Inc. Reports 25th Period Financial Results PDF(106KB)

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